Monday, January 25, 2016

Author Tracie Peterson Tackles Gossip and Innuendo

Dear Readers--
I'm so pleased to announce that author Tracie Peterson is my guest today on Everything Writerly.

Tracie has been instrumental in my writing career. For a time, she was my editor when I wrote for the book club, Heartsong Presents. Tracie is also a beloved, bestselling author of over 100 titles. She speaks and teaches at a variety of women’s retreats and writer’s conferences. She makes her home in Montana with her husband Jim.

But what does Tracie's success mean to her? How does she view it, and what does she hope her new title, Beyond the Silence will mean to readers?

Here's what Tracie had to say.

    "Writing has always been a ministry for me – a chance to share the Gospel and Bible application.  Beyond the Silence was no exception to that. 
    As Kim Woodhouse and I developed this story we thought it was important to portray characters who were struggling with their identity.  The heroine from a perspective of past loss and future uncertainties and the hero from past loss and the judgmental attitude of those who were supposed to be friends.
    Throughout the story, the theme is one of not jumping to conclusions or judging by what gossip is being spread around, no matter how certain that gossip seems.  It’s also about learning that God is trustworthy even when no one else is. Having learned over the years how easy it is to fall victim to people misjudging you for something you didn’t do, as well as hearing others talk about the same painful experience, I thought this story was one that might make readers think before acting on gossip and innuendo.
    Ultimately, I hope the story will draw the reader closer to God and His love."   
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Thank you, Tracie. I'm sure everyone can relate to misjudging others or being misjudged. I can't wait to read your latest book.

Readers can learn more about Tracie by visiting her website:

Later this week, Everything Writerly will host author Kimberley Woodhouse, coauthor of Beyond the Silence.

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Tracie Peterson said...

Thanks, Andrea for sharing about our book. Right now we're on book tour inTexas and had the best time. Folks down here are so sweet and we are enjoying Texas cold which means temps under 60.