Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Day Adventures

I'm on a writing deadline, working on a novel set during the Civil War. It's going to be the best book I've written to date!

For that reason (and the following ones), I worked on my book for most of Thanksgiving Day. My sister so kindly offered to host the family dinner at her home. Daniel and I didn't have to be there until 4pm. But there was a problem...a doorbuster sale at 6pm at Kohl's Department Store that included a 32" TV. I needed the TV and the price certainly was right.I mentioned the dilemma to my sister who gave me her blessing to eat-and-run.

And that's exactly what Daniel and I did. Gobble-gobbled our turkey dinner, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, rolls--and left before even eating a slice of pumpkin or apple pie or the applesauce and pineapple dump cake. 

Armed with store flyers, we drove to Interstate--along with thousands of others--and miraculously found a parking space after we arrived. Inside the store, we walked the circumference of it before we learned that all the TVs were sold out. Back in the car, Daniel suggested we stop at Wal-mart, as it advertised a $99 television also. 

I was game.

And, fortunately for us, the TV was an 8pm special, so we had an hour. I text messaged my sister and said Daniel and I wouldn't be back. Then one of my sons was so impressed with the price (and perhaps his parents' bravery) that he asked us to pick up a TV for him too.

My Wal-mart wristband
So, again, we found a parking place and, after circling the store, asking several harried employees who didn't know the answer, we found the correct individuals who secured a wristband on my arm and told Daniel and me to get in line. 
Tagged like a doe during deer hunting season, I took my place in the queue--and waited for an hour with many other customers. The lady in front of us was so nice and explained how this process worked (Daniel and I were notice T-day doorbuster shoppers). Our neighbor in line said that while we were guaranteed the TVs now, they wouldn't be handed out until eight o'clock AND if the line was too long or you didn't show up for whatever reason, and didn't claim the items within two hours, the TVs would be given to a person whose name was on the waiting list if the store ran out of stock.

Wal-mart did run out, and rather quickly. 

At last 8pm arrived and workers handed out the designated amount of televisions, matching everyone's wristbands to the quantities. All was good...

Until we proceeded to the registers. There we were faced with more long lines.

The prize!
By this time, I had been in Wal-mart far too long for my sanity. The noise and the crowds, the pushing and shoving in the aisles were making me feel anxious. When at last we checked out and were safely back in the car, I felt exhausted. On the way home, I told Daniel I am NEVER GOING SHOPPING ON THANKSGIVING DAY AGAIN. He vowed the same. While I'm pleased with the TV and feel blessed to have it, I do not share that MO of shopping. It's just isn't for me. 

Over the years, having worked in the medical field and in departments that were open 24-hour per day, I've had to work my share of Thanksgiving Days. But I'm not there anymore. I want to enjoy my family, especially the grandkids. What's more, I can choose which days I shop. In the future, holidays won't be one of them. 

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