Friday, January 18, 2013

Linore Rose Burkard's Impossible Dream

Back around 2005 I had completed my first book, but was struggling with how I wanted to try and get it in the hands of readers. As an outsider to the world of publishing, I sent it to only two publishers. ( I got one "no" and one "maybe" which turned into a no.)

At the same time, I came across information about a POD printer which appealed to me. I still  dragged my feet although I felt the book was ready, but the Lord gently prodded me into action. The amusing thing is the way He did it. With a background in English Literature, I'd done my fair share of studying Shakespeare, but I was nevertheless startled to hear the Lord reminding me to return to "thine almost blunted purpose." Goodness! I wasn't seeking to avenge anyone's death, but apparently I bore a resemblance to Hamlet. And I know what it was, too: we were both procrastinators!

With a couple of gentle Shakespearean reminders behind me, I got things moving and published my first book, a pioneering work at that time, since it was a Christian regency romance, and there were none on the market. (That was, in fact, the impetus for my writing to begin with. I longed to see a Jane-Austenesque 
 romance with a Christian emphasis.)

Since that time, Harvest House Publishers picked up that book (Before the Season Ends) and gave me contracts for two others, which make up my regency series. I'm so grateful that God didn't let me miss the boat, so to speak. He got me back to my purpose, which was, and is, still, writing. As a homeschooling mother of five, it's certainly not 
 my only purpose, but one He considered important enough to warrant a few dramatic reminders that I thoroughly understood!

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DebbieLynne said...

I love the way He prompted you! LOL. Linore you have never told me that story. What other secrets are you keeping from me, dear friend? Wonderful post. God bless!

Linore Burkard said...

Thank you, Debbie Lynne. I guess the secret's out! This is one of those "God encounters" I was talking about earlier. Thanks for coming by to read about it, and YOU are the dear friend!
Thanks to you, too, Andrea, for hosting me on your terrific blog. Lots of old posts here to explore!