Monday, May 17, 2010

Marketing Takes Time - Part II

Last week I did an Internet radio interview with Lori Twichell and now it's up on the Fiction Addict web site. Click here to listen to radio interview

The one thing that I can say for sure is I had fun! Lori made me feel at ease as we talked about one of my favorite subjects - writing -- as well as my new release Unwilling Warrior

Marketing isn't fun if there's too much pressure involved. So many times as writers we put too much stress on our shoulders as we paticipate in Internet interviews and guest appearances. I've learned that if I can releax and enjoy myself things go much smoother.

So how does one go about relaxing before appearing on TV or live radio or pod-casts?

Praying just before I go on helps a lot. I ask God to help me watch my words. I ask Him to keep me calm and attentive. I tend to chatter, so I ask the Lord to help me  be precise with my replies.

Other helps might include preparing for the interview or blog tour. If it's television, be sure to know what you're going to wear (right down to the accessories) the night before. If radio, write down a few talking points. You'll feel confident if you're prepared.

Stretching before the appearance is a good way to relax or listening to soft music during the ride to the TV station. Reading the Bible as you wait off stage or at home before the radio/blog interview. The Book of Psalms is marvelous for calming the nerves.

These are some to the tips I've gathered and in the next few months you can be sure I'll put them to use.

Marketing one's book takes time and I don't just mean time spent waiting for the end results. I'm referring to all the time spent during the day. Marketing is time-consuming. But there's a balance and at some point a writer has to say, "Okay, I've done all I can humanly do. The rest is up to God."

Then it's on to writing that next best-selling book!

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