Friday, January 22, 2010


The story for Promise Me Forever came after my husband Daniel and I went to a wedding. We sat in the pew for the longest time, everyone glancing at his/her watch and knowing the ceremony was to have begun minutes ago. Finally, about a half hour later, I whispered to Daniel that I was making a run for the ladies room. While in there I overheard a bridesmaid say “The groom hasn’t shown up.” A sinking feeling came over me. The bride was a friend of mine. Back in the pew, I quietly informed Daniel and soon the pastor came forward. He said, “I’m sorry friends. There won’t be a wedding today.” Feeling stunned and heartbroken for my friend, Daniel and I left the church and climbed into our minivan. As we drove a way, onto the freeway, a thought began to form. I turned to Daniel and said, "I know this was devastating for my friend'd make a great novel!"

Promise Me Forever was published by Heartsong Presents and then reprinted by Barbour Publishing in a collection called Wisconsin.


Julia McGowan once had visions of a happy home filled with children and love, until Mark Henley left her at the altar, brokenhearted and carrying his child. Ashamed, Julia left her small hometown to live with distant relatives-a Christian couple who show her an unconditional love and support she cannot resist. Julia soon rebuilt her broken life with her new son, Jesse. Twelve years later, with a college degree, a successful career, and a happy eleven-year-old son, Julia is faced with her past in the person of Mark Henley. How can she bear to see him again? Should she tell him about their son? How will his presence as a consultant at her company affect her own job?And somebody is stealing money from Julia's firm, using her security codes. Could Mark be behind this, or will he recognize her innocence and fight for her?


A. M. Wilson said...

Oh my! I was, by my own free will, expecting our firstborn on my wedding day. Sick as a dog. Walked into the Sunday school room (we had been told we couldn't have the Fellowship Hall for the reception because the square dancers met there on Tuesday nights!) to see a tiny room which was supposed to house the over 100 guests! Immediate stress migraine. Couldn't take anything. Maid of honor hadn't arrived yet, as she was driving from NY to FL. Cake was delivered, set up and leaning like the Tower of Pisa. MOH arrives 1 hour before ceremony. I got dressed 1/2 hour before only to find out the best man (my future bil) forgot his tie back at the house. At LEAST a 45 minute round trip. Heard "Greensleaves" being played over and over and over because I had requested "Evergreen" be one of the prelude songs. Nope. Everyone stood for the bridesmaids so no one saw me walk in except the back row. Tried to blow out my side of the unity candle forgetting I had a veil on. Almost caught fire. Father-in-law officiated and said at the ending prayer, "May the Holy Spirit so SPILL your hearts" instead of fill. Made us start cracking up. All on video, of course. Sick through reception. Couldn't eat. Changed clothes for traveling. Went outside to find everyone ready to send us off. Wasn't ready to leave yet, but there they were. One of my bridesmaids dumped an entire styrofoam cup filled with birdseed down the FRONT of my dress as we left. So I sat in birdseed for two hours.

We laugh about it now, and have promised to do a renewal of our vows on our 20th, in four years. :-) The marriage is going strong even if the wedding was a disaster! :-)

Lisa Lickel said...

This will be nice, Andrea. It's fun to hear how we put the clues together. I enjoyed adding up a few community tales for The Gold Standard.
I already enjoy Wisconsin.