Monday, July 11, 2016

Varina Denman "Jilted" -- and Mending Hurting Hearts

Dear Readers~I'm so excited to host author Varina Denman on my blog. As you'll read in her bio, she's a Texas girl and she writes about struggles we, women (not just Texans) face in today's world.

Welcome, Varina. Please tell us about how God led you to write Jilted in your Mended Hearts series.

In the beginning, I didn’t have a plan for Lynda
Turner and Clyde Felton. At that time, all I
knew was that Lynda was a bitter woman who
had been shunned by the church, and Clyde
was an ex-convict who had spent twenty years
in prison. Both of them had been jilted by love
interests, by their friends, and by the church.

Then I realized that’s true of
many people in
real life. Things don’t always
work out like we
imagine they will, and friends
let us down—
even friends who call
themselves Christians.

So over the course of the series, I realized
Lynda and Clyde very much needed their own
book. In fact, their story is the crux of the
whole series, and Jilted brings all the conflict
to a nice tidy conclusion.

Through writing Jilted, I grew spiritually. As I
walked through life with Clyde and Lynda,
helping them to forgive and overlook the faults
of others, it became easier for me to bestow
grace as well … which was probably God’s
main goal all along.
Sounds like a great story, Varina. I don't of anyone who hasn't felt jilted at one time or another. It's painful.

And now, Varina's bio...

Varina Denman writes
stories about the unique struggles women face. A native Texan who spent her high school years in a small Texas town, Varina now lives near Fort Worth with her husband and five mostly grown children. Her passion is helping others make peace with their life situations. Varina’s Mended Hearts series is a compelling blend of women’s fiction and inspirational romance. Connect with Varina through her website, Facebook

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Varina Denman said...

Andrea, I've enjoyed visiting your blog today. Thank you for hosting me!