Friday, October 9, 2015

Catching Your Dreams

Do you have a dream, a goal, a vision for your life? Does it seem to be just short of your grasp? I know the feeling.

For those who don’t know me, I’m an author of Christian fiction and nonfiction. My latest novel, a historical Civil War romance, is called A Thousand Shall Fall. It’s book one in my Shenandoah Valley series series. Truly, it was a dream of mine to see this story in print. God worked in the hearts of the folks at Kregel Publications, and my book will release November 28, 2015.  (Answered prayer!!)

Here are 3 ideas that have encouraged me and they might help you catch your dream – and, perhaps, even change your life.

            1)    Pray about your dream-goal. If you’re like me, then you have lots of ideas. Not every one is worthy of your time – or is God’s will for your life.

We can get busied up in all kinds of meaningless things. So begin a journal and write down all the things you’re involved in. Pray over each one and ask God which to eliminate so you’ll have the time to journey down the God-given path for your life.

             2)   Practice “planned abandonment.”

In her book Jesus Life Coach, Laurie Beth Jones writes: “Planned abandonment doesn’t mean walking away from something that is difficult or isn’t working anymore. Planed abandonment means choosing between good and great, between better and best. Planned abandonment means that you are able to say no to all that glitters and discern what truly shines.”

Search out all the EWs in your life. EWs are “energy wasters” and we’ve all got them. They’re those things that crowd in on us when we least expect. They can be the meaningless ideas I previously mentioned and they can be people who suck your time, perhaps wanting advice but unwilling to change their behavior or step out in faith. An EW, for example, might be that neighbor who comes over every night to sit on the couch and…bloviate. As you begin to eliminate EWs in your life, that neighbor may have to find himself another roosting place.

3)    Participate in your own life. Don’t just talk about all things you want to do someday – do them!

I recently watched the movie The Music Man and near the end of the motion picture, Professor Harold Hill tells Marian the librarian something quite profound, I think. He says something like, “If you keep putting everything off until tomorrow, all you’ll have is a collection of empty yesterdays.” How true that is!

And just remember, Tomorrow and Someday are days of the week on a planet that doesn’t exist! So quit procrastinating (and I’m pointing one finger at myself too!), turn off the “boob tube,” as my father called TV, and take steps toward accomplishing your personal goals. It doesn’t have to be a leap of faith. Only small footsteps.

Dare to dream – and imagine yourself a part of that vision. It’s attainable! If you’re a believer in Christ Jesus, He has put that power within you. And remember: With God all things are possible!


Heare2Watts said...

I love history and I am a follower of civil war historical stories. This book is right up my reading ally.

Anita said...

A Thousand Shall Fall, a book well-written and accurate. As you stroll through the pages of this book, you get a glimpse into the lives of our forefathers challenges. At first you're strolling through a dusty town with only a few men still residing there. A few pages later, you're risking your life dodging soldiers and hiding in the shadows. Next there's a deafening blast and you're grimacing as you see young men who really look like mere boys, falling under canon fire, dying alone on the battlefield. Following this brave lady, disguised as a soldier as she searches for her sister and comes face to face with a man who helps her on her quest. Lest I tell you the story and you have no need to read the book, I will let you get the book, curl up in a cozy blanket, grab a mug of steaming hot cocoa and enjoy... A Thousand Shall Fall.