Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hot Off the Press: One Way to the Altar

The Convenient Bride Collection, featuring One Way to the Altar, a novella written with debut author Christina Linstrot Miller, was released yesterday by Barbour Publishing. The book is now available for purchase!

So why Montana?

Years ago, when I wrote my novel Threads of Love, I became interested in the southeastern part of Montana. The Badlands intrigued me and the Yellowstone River added a measure of romance to the area. This was the land of Little Big Horn and General Custer’s Last Stand. I spent many hours researching the towns on the old Northern Pacific Railroad line, and used a book titled, Photographing Montana 1894-1928: The Life and Work of Evelyn Cameron. So when the call came out for novellas featuring marriages of convenience, I chose to create a fictitious town near Fallon and Terry. The pretend town in my story is called “One Way” because there’s just one way in and one way out…unless a person has a mind to swim.

Other authors in The Convenient Bride Collection are: Erica Vetsch, Amanda Barratt, Mona Hodgson, Melissa Jagears, Maureen Lang, Gabrielle Meyer, Jennifer Uhlarik, and Renee Yancy.

Co-authoring Experience

Co-authoring always has its challenges. Writing One Way to the Altar was no exception. As a pastor's wife, editor and writer, Christy has a full plate...and, as a wife, mom, author with other contracts and attending college, so do I! Whew! We live in a busy, busy world. However, with God's help, Christy and I overcame the obstacles. A unique voice developed, a combination of both our writing styles, and a beautiful story emerged. I'd like to think my friendship with Christy is stronger today because of our co-authoring experience.

Beginning soon!

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Mrs Boone4 said...

Sounds like great books. The genre for me!

Cheryl Baranski said...

So want to read this book!

Cheryl Baranski

Patricia said...

Got this book on my Goodreads account.

Anne Payne said...

I enjoy stories set in Montana. It's one place my husband and I have always dreamed of visiting.

Anne~ Stuff & Nonsense

Anonymous said...

Your books look so great.

Deanna Stevens said...

I'll be watching for the Kindle giveaway ;)
A great selection of authors!

Lane Hill House said...

Hi Andrea, I read and reviewed all three books in your Fabric of Time series ~ here is a remembrance from my review for your Threads of Love, book 3:
"I love seeing Cream City brick and standing the fabric of time. So neat and trim, it stands out among the framed houses of those large families so reminiscent of days gone by. Red clay and forests, the provision of our Lord and the ingenuity of constructing them. Beyond there not being "us" had our ancestors not come across the ocean to the Americas, think of the skills and trades they brought with them to this land."
One Way to the Altar is an inviting and innovative title! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House