Friday, July 19, 2013

Cindy Thomson Finds a Stream in the Writing Desert

Today Everything Writerly continues its "Impossible Dream" theme with author Cindy Thomson's powerful testimony. God has shown her so much on her writing journey. Please read on!

The Drought

While I was grateful I to be publishing non-fiction during my fiction drought, it was still difficult for me to endure the rejections I received from fiction houses. I felt a bit like I was experiencing the famine in Egypt foretold by Joseph in the Book of Genesis—seven years. This year marks for me seven years since my first novel was published and up until this year, there were no more. I felt that God called me to this genre because it was where my heart was, so while I was in that writing desert, I kept trying. Not that I didn’t experience discouragement; I did. But I fought against it with the help of prayer and the support of my family, my agent, and my writer friends.

At Last a Stream

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that in that seventh year my first novel with Tyndale House has been published, Grace’s Pictures, the first in a series. The writing road I’m traveling is still not smooth, however. I’m still learning a lot and working harder than I ever have. We hear a lot about “waiting on God,” and “God’s timing being perfect,” and when you are in that writing desert, such talk can make you feel guilty for being a doubter. But God doesn’t condemn the doubter. It’s important to remember Jesus didn’t throw Thomas out of the house when Thomas doubted the person before him could really be the risen Lord. He let Thomas see His hands and feet, proof it was Him.

The Fruit Comes Forth

God rewards obedience—yes, in His time. Since He’s allowed me to publish fiction again, I’m determined to work harder than ever for Him. 

About Cindy

"For as long as I can remember I've made up stories. When I was a teacher I thought about writing books for children. However, when I finally began writing a novel, I turned to my genealogy research and wrote a fictionalized story of my ancestors. That novel is still unpublished, but my interest in my roots, which go back to Ireland and Scotland, sparked an interest in Irish history."

Find out more about Cindy and her books by logging onto her website: CLICK HERE


LornaFaith said...

Thanks for sharing your story glad your persevered through the drought! It took me 6 years to write my 1st Historical Romantic Suspense so I understand the worry, tears and prayers that go into a book:-) I'd love to read your historical fiction!


Cindy Thomson said...

Thanks, Lorna. I imagine lots of people can relate, but especially writers.

Caroline said...

Ah, Cindy, I'm so glad you persevered too. Your cover is totally adorable and I love historicals. looking forward to reading it soon.

Cindy Thomson said...

Thanks, Caroline. Tyndale does a wonderful job with covers.

Lisa Lickel said...

I was absolutely thrilled for you when I heard about your new book series. I'm so happy! And keep sharing those lessons.

Cindy Thomson said...

Thanks, Lisa!