Monday, April 22, 2013

Researching My Own Backyard

By Andrea Boeshaar

My latest novel, Threads of Lovereleases May 7th, It's set in Manitowoc, Wisconsin in 1902

One of the main characters, Emily Sundberg, is well known in the community as she's a school teacher. Her father (Captain Daniel Sundberg from Book 2) owns a shipping business and, as I researched the city, it was interesting to learn that in the 19th and early 20th centuries Manitowoc was commonly referred to as "Clipper City" because of all the shipbuilding going on -- Manitowoc was known for building those graceful lake clippers. 

I toured the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and got a glimpse of what the city might look like in the time period of my story. It helped the characters to come alive in my mind.

Below is the back cover copy of Threads of Love  --

As my character's aunt and mother (Julianna from Book 2 in the series) work in a shop in Manitowoc called Sundberg Creations -- a shop that offers hand-spun items -- I took a knitting class at Cream City Yarn Shop. I felt it was important to get the feel of different fibers and textures. I imagine that the Sundberg ladies' shop would look similar to Cream City Yarn. It's a quaint shop in Brookfield constructed in vintage Cream City Brick. 

Incidentally, I knitted scarves for all the grandkids and my daughter-in-law for Christmas (talk about getting inspired!).

I enjoyed researching the fashion in 1902, but still can't imagine wearing all those under-garments (especially in summertime!). And, as a portion of my story takes place in Fallon, Montana too, I enjoyed researching that area. It'd be fun to ride the train out west.

Threads of Love is book 3 in my Fabric of Time series and all three novels in the series are set in Wisconsin. So fun to research my own backyard!

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