Friday, March 15, 2013

Pamela S. Meyers Reveals Her Impossible Dream...Come True!

It gives me great pleasure to host Pam Meyers on my blog. Pam and I have been friends for years and I've watched her struggle and grow in her writing career. I've rejoiced each time she's received a contract! And now I'm excited that Pam has agreed to share her "impossible dream."   ~AKB

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How many times have you vacationed in beautiful surroundings and thought to yourself how wonderful it would be to see beautiful mountains, or the ocean, or even a certain cityscape everyday and how blessed the locals must be to have that opportunity. I know I have.

I grew up in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, a picturesque vacation spot in southeastern Wisconsin. Large spring-fed Geneva Lake with 19th Century mansions sharing its shoreline with more modern homes of today has attracted visitors for more than a century. But it isn’t just the lake that appeals to people. The cozy small town of Lake Geneva welcomes tourists with its multiple restaurants and gift shops galore.

Over the years I’ve been told how wonderful it must have been to grow up in such a beautiful place. Back in the day, I’d shrug and say, “I suppose,” while thinking to myself, Wonderful if you didn’t mind having to drive to Chicago or Milwaukee to find a decent clothing store or even a McDonald’s.

I left Wisconsin in my mid-twenties to chase my dreams in other locales. Years later, when I was called to write, I’d already begun to appreciate my hometown, and dreamed of writing a story in that setting. To my surprise, an opportunity came together for me to write a historical romance set there during 1930s, and I leaped at the chance.

The Riviera building has been an icon of the town since its grand opening in May 1933. As I read newspaper accounts of the building’s construction progress, I felt the “can-do” spirit of the townspeople that they could make it happen despite the Great Depression that had a tight grip on our country.

By the time I finished researching and began writing Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, I felt a oneness with those people of long ago and had fallen in love with my hometown like never before. Growing up, the “Riv” was always just there, and I’d taken it for granted. But no more! God has blessed me beyond measure by giving me this opportunity and it’s my hope that my readers will be blessed by reading my story.

Here's a blurb about the book:

A young woman wants to work in a man’s world.
It’s 1933, the height of the Big-Band era, and beautiful Lake Geneva is already well established as a summertime playground for Chicago’s elite. Local girl Meg Alden works at the town newspaper, but she aspires to be a reporter—a job given only to men. When a position opens up, Meg spies an opportunity to break into the business. That is, until Jack Wallace, the son of a big-city newspaper magnate, is hired instead. Jack is drawn to Meg and suggests they combine forces to uncover a local scandal. But how will Meg be able to work with the man who stole her job…and makes her pulse race?

Other books by Pamela S. Meyers: Love Will Find A Way (Oak Tara).

Note: Pam is giving away a copy of her book, Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Please leave a comment with your email address and we'll choose a winner next Tuesday morning. Be sure to check back to see if you've won!


Pamela S. Meyers said...

Thanks for having me today, Andrea! It was fun sharing my dream come true :-).

I might add that the sequel to Thyme for Love is due to release at Amazon and other on-line outlets, and is currently available in print form at . Click on the "store" tab to find it.

Amy C said...

What a lovely story. Pamela is new to me and her work sounds fabulous! Thank you so much for introducing her to me.
campbellamyd at gmail dot com said...

Love the setting, the time period, and the cover art, Pam! Mostly, I love the personal story behind this novel. Don't you love it when God brings us around full circle?

Clarice James

Books by Joi Copeland said...

Thanks for sharing, Pam! I'd love to win this book!

Laurean Brooks said...

Hi Andrea,

Thank you for hosting Pam. I don't know Pam, personally, yet, and haven't read her books...yet, but I've read Pam's posts at ACFW along with her intriguing blurbs.

Pam's written personality caught my attention. It shines through even the posts she writes. That's why I'd just love, love, love, to read, "Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin."

Rose McCauley said...

Hi Andrea and Pam, two of my favorite ACFW buddies! Don't enter me in the drawing because I just finished Pam's lovely book, but I will add that it was delightful to read, and I learned a lot about the 30s and Lake Geneva, too. Hope to read more of Pam's books.

AJ Cattapan said...

What a wonderful "dream come true"! I look forward to reading the book while vacationing in Lake Geneva this summer!

JoAnn Durgin said...

Wisconsin is one of the states I've never visited, but it sounds lovely. It's sweet how she's returned to her "roots" with this one. I understand since I moved back to home in my heart in late 2005 (southern Indiana by Louisville, KY), something I'd never thought possible when I left for college with big dreams. After living in several places and seeing more of the world, I decided "home" was the best place of all. I love books about journalists and this one sounds like a winner. I enjoyed Pam's first book, and I'm sure I'd love this one, as well. Thanks for the interview, ladies, and the opportunity to win.