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Staci Stallings Shares Her Impossible Dream

With God...

Staci Stallings
Author Staci Stallings
Impossible. It's is such an interesting word.  Is there another single word in the whole English lexicon that has stopped more dreams, frustrated more innovation, or quelled the quickening of more hearts?

I doubt it.                                 

However, the cool thing is, if you're a Christian, your God is a God of the impossible.

Think for just one moment about this.  God made light by saying, "Let there be light."  God made all of the earth and galaxies.  It wasn't some undefinable "big bang."  If it had been, don't you think that at some point someone would have been walking along and BANG, it would have happened again?
I mean it's a scientific fact that something that has happened once is much more likely to happen again, especially if it was completely natural. That it hasn't tells us something or Someone made it happen the first time.

The Bible tells us that "all things are possible with God."

Let me show you in a very real sense what that means.

One day, for no apparent reason, I stumbled upon an ebook about the power of setting up Internet communities that center around a common interest.  Now I already had two websites, I wasn't looking to start another one.  But as I read this book, I could see this online community that would provide a place for Christian readers and authors to meet.

Great.  But I didn't have time, nor the resources, nor frankly the skills to pull something like that off. However, every time I picked up my Kindle, there was this book, and I kept reading.  Suddenly as I was reading one day this name came into my mind--Shelley Hitz.

Shelley and I were friends. I knew she was a marketing genius.  I also knew she was incredibly busy and probably shouldn't be bothered.  But as I kept reading, her name kept coming up.  So one day, figuring she would think I was crazy, I emailed her with this vague idea of what I was seeing.

Being the wonderful person she is, Shelley gently told me that although the idea was good, she just didn't have time to do something like that.  Now I've been around God long enough to know you take the step He asks you to take, but if the door shuts, you don't bang on it trying to open it yourself.  You simply wait for Him to open it if He decides to.  So that's what I did.  I wrote back and said that was fine and good luck with what she was working on.

And I went on with my life.
Two days later I got an email... from Shelley.  Apparently a friend of hers whom I didn't even know at the time, had contacted her... with exactly the same idea I had!
Shelley is a very spiritual lady, so when her friend Heather Bixler contacted her with the same idea, she knew this wasn't random.  It was God.  She immediately contacted me and said that although it wasn't her idea, she knew God was asking us to at least talk about it.

One email led to ten, which led to a business and a site and a forum and a blog and a newsletter.  Which then led to contacting other authors and readers and bloggers.  Which led to...
the all-new

God truly is amazing because He took the three of us who each have vastly different experience and skills and put us together, knitting us as friends and then as a team to accomplish something that not one of the three of us could have ever done on our own.

Now we're here inviting you to join the conversation that God Himself started.  If you love Christian books and ebooks and blogs... If you need encouragement for your day or strength to face life's challenges... If you just want a safe online place to fellowship with other Christians, this is it!

The site officially launches Feb. 12-14, and in celebration of the launch, we're giving away 169 prizes--gift cards, ebooks, and books!  Below is the entry form, and we'd love to have you along.

However, what I most want you to know is that CrossReads is the embodiment of God literally doing the impossible.  We live in three different states, in three different time zones.  Very few of our skills duplicate each other.  We didn't even know each other prior to God whispering this to our hearts.
God truly can do the impossible. is the proof!

Thank you, Staci!
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