Friday, December 7, 2012

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

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Let It Snow: A Christmas novella.

The Story Behind the Story

Snowbound for Christmas: Let It Snow/Christmas in the City (Heartsong Christmas 2-in-1)Snowbound for Christmas: Let It Snow/Christmas in the City (Heartsong Christmas 2-in-1) This novella first appared in a 2-story collection called Snowbound for Christmas as well as a 4-story collection called Holiday at the Inn, both published by Barbour Publishing in 2004. Snowbound featured Debby Mayne and me while Holiday included novellas by Pamela Griffin, Debby Mayne, Kristy Dykes, and me. 

As I recall, the whole "stranded at Christmas" theme was Kristy's idea, and I was so glad to have finally worked with her in a project. Kristy was an upbeat, dynamic, and forever-smiling lady who always began her email messages with, "Greetings from sunny Florida…" In mid-February here in Wisconsin, I always felt envious of those salutations. In 2008, Kristy died of a GBM brain tumor, but she was a fighter till the end. She is missed by family and friends all over the world to this day.
 Let us, this Christmas, endeavor to bless others even if our holiday plans go awry. Accepting what we cannot control (like winter storms and blizzards) can lend us that sense of inner peace. And if we've got peace, we can make the best of any situation. 

After all, Christmas isn't about the parties and presents. It's about remembering that God sent His only begotten Son, the Savior of the world, to us in the form of an infant. He's God's gift to us.  Christ's humble beginnings mean that believers in Him will spend an eternity with the King of kings and Lord of lords in a place so splendid that every imagination comes up short with its description.

So shop, bake, decorate those Christmas cookies, and enjoy your time with family members. But if you find yourself stranded at home -- or at an Inn -- for the holidays, make sure you're safe and then smile and sing along to that favorite classic, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Merry Christmas!

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