Thursday, September 6, 2012

We're Back -- With A New Author Interview!

Deb Ullrick: 

From Colorado Ranches to Writing Romance!

I have known Deb for many years and it's a pleasure to feature her on my blog Everything Writerly. If you're not familiar with Deb and her books, here's a brief bio:

Debra Ullrick is an award-winning Christian romance author. In addition to multiple full-length novels, her stories have been featured in several novella collections, one of which made the New York Times bestseller’s list. Debra is happily married to her husband of thirty-seven years and has one daughter. For over twenty-five years, they lived and worked on cattle ranches in the Colorado Mountains. She now lives in the Colorado flatlands. Debra loves animals, classic cars, mud-bog racing, and monster trucks. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drawing western art, feeding wild birds, and watching Jane Austen movies, COPS, or Castle.

Deb's latest book is Groom Wanted and here's a blurb:

It's a perfect plan-best friends Leah Bowen and Jake Lure will each advertise for mail-order spouses in the papers, and then Jake will help select Leah's future husband, while Leah picks Jake's bride-to-be! Surely the ads will find them what they seek: a wife who'll appreciate Jake's shy charm and a groom who'll take Leah away from the Idaho Territory she detests. When the responses to the postings pour in, it seems all Leah's and Jake's dreams will soon come true. But the closer they each get to the altar, the less appealing marrying a stranger becomes. Is it too late to turn back-or to turn around and find the happiness they truly seek together, at last? 

And now for the interview!

1. What is your general purpose as an author?

More than anything, I want to minister to people. When I first started reading Christian fiction books, I remember how many times a certain story ministered to me in such a special, uplifting way. After that, I wanted to be a blessing to people like that too.

2.  What message do you hope to convey to readers, either in this latest book or in all your books?

In Groom Wanted the message I hope to portray is how many times we look for something or someone else when what we already have or need is right in front of us. And that we can’t run away from our problems because no matter where we go, they will be there unless we face them and allow God to touch and heal us everywhere we hurt.   

3. Is or was there a person in your life who made a remarkable difference in your writing? Who and why?

Oh yes! Staci Stallings, an amazingly gifted author and my dearest friend. This woman has spent endless hours mentoring me and teaching me with the utmost patience. And she’s never once criticized me or made me feel small when I didn’t understand something. She edits all my books and adds to the quality of them with her poetic words and input. Staci, along with the Lord of course, is the reason why I’m published today.

4. How do you deal with rejection letters or an irate reader?

I’ve only had one rejection so far. Thank You, Jesus! hehe *smiling* It was when I first started writing. So many people in the ACFW (ACRW at the time) encouraged me to not give up and gently informed me that rejection was part of the publication process. I took their advice and used it as a learning experience. As for irate readers… I haven’t encountered any. A few negative reviews, yes. But those I handled by realizing it is all subjective. Not everyone is going to like my stories. I do, however, take into account why they didn’t like a story to see if I can improve next time.

5. What’s next for you as an author? Any books in the hopper?

The Rancher’s Sweetheart a Love Inspired Historical, winter-themed novella, will be coming out early 2013. It will be a two-books-in-one collection with Cheryl St. John. Plus, I’m working on another 3-book proposal.

6. What genre do you write in?

I write both contemporary and historical romance. Lately, I’ve been writing more historical novels but hope to write a few contemporary ones real soon.

7. What is your greatest challenge in your writing?

Trying not to get bogged down with that editor in my head. I so want to please my editors that sometimes I hear their editing voice, along with my own, talking to me while I’m writing. It really stifles my creativity, so I’m learning to just write my story and then go back and let those editor voices talk to me.

*     *     *

Thank you, Deb, for being my guest today. The interview will run Thurs to Sun. I wish you God's best on your career! 

Readers can connect with Deb, by logging onto her website

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Debra Ullrick said...

Thank you so much, Andrea, for hosting me on your blog today. It's an honor to be here.

God bless you and yours,
Debra Ullrick