Monday, June 20, 2011

I'll Be "Chattin in Manhattan" On Tuesday Night June 21st!

ChickGab & Doctor Love
I'm going to be a guest on the Chattin In Manhattan radio talk show tomorrow night at 9PM (CST). The hosts are the ChickGab Chick, Kim Ward, and Garth Sandiford. Our topic of discussion is "Why Men Run" -- as in running from committment to a relationship and/or marriage.

From what I hear, dating in today's world isn't easy, so tomorrow's topic is very timely. It's true: I've been married for more than 30 years. But I'm not totally out of touch. I have friends who are single and I hear their stories. One Christian man in his 30s said that marriage is basically a sham and a way for "chicks" to get everything a man has worked so hard for all his life. He said 90% of the time, the courts side with the "chicks" in a divorce situation. This man is in a relationship now. Does it sound like he's totally committed to it (i.e. proposing marriage)?

Do you know a man who isn't willing to committ to a relationship? Join us for the live chat tomorrow night at 9 pm (CST). There's a toll free, call-in number on the site and it would be great to hear from all of you!

Meanwhile, I'm posting an article Kim wrote on the subject of dating.

Chick Gab ChickThe Dating Game
By Kim Ward
Host of Chattin In Manhattan Radio Show

When should a girl throw up her hands and walk away from a relationship? How long is too long to wait for that proposal on one knee? My suggestion is simple.

Never keep time in the traditional sense; this can be both torturous and irrelevant. When dating, it is best to judge all things off emotion, not time lines. When the time is right in your mind, it might not be right in his. Do not set a deadline that only benefits your feelings. If it is marriage you seek, then follow this easy advice.

Take a trip away. Sometimes men need to see what they are missing, to understand how bad they want it. Go to Florida, Seattle, or any place at least six hours from your home base. Stay as long as you like, but for the record, most men can come to terms with missing a woman in only two days.

So, pack those bags and head to the beach.

Upon arriving home, you are sure to find a man that will have a new appreciation for you. Time alone will give your man a snap shot of life without you. The fear of that could bring him to his knees within a few months.

If that does not happen, I suggest proposing, to him. If he says yes, then a trip to the altar is all you will need. If he says no, pack your bags, but this time; get a one-way ticket with no return flight.

But, please be realistic. If you count how long you have been dating, using weeks instead of years, a trip to China will not help you. Things take time, but remember, the ride should always be as fun as the destination. So, don't rush!!

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