Friday, December 31, 2010

Willow Success for the New Year

Happy New Year!

Oh, those pesky New Year’s Resolutions. Any of them sound familiar?

"This year I’ll get up early and exercise."
"I’ll lose a kazillion pounds."
"I’ll write 5,000 words everyday."

Year after year I have the best of intentions. But about six weeks into the New Year, I fall into a total funk, feeling like I’ve failed because I set unrealistic goals for myself.

But this year is different. I’ve learned one giant key to success is being a willow. Willow Success, is what I’m calling it. What does it mean?

It means be agile, be able to bend with the winds of change, and yet, be firmly rooted in your faith. Allow yourself to be sculpted into the unique individual that God wants you to be.

My goals this year:

Exercise, but don’t be fanatical.
Eat right, but allow myself a treat now and again.
Work hard and meet deadlines, but allow myself some playtime too.
How about you? What are your personal and professional goals this year?


D.L. Diener said...

a big Amen to those, Andrea. I'm also adding to mine- they don't all have to be perfect right from the start, I have a year to accomplish my goals.


Angela Breidenbach said...

I thought I was going to deep clean my house the week after Christmas and be all set. A virus set me on my ear and now I'm realizing that I too must be a willow :-)

Annual goals: Write & Speak
Working on 1 novella, 1 non-fiction, and marketing for the non-fiction coming out in May. Then moving onto the next project.

Hurdle: Learning how to work an eight hour day instead of sixteen that I've done the last two years.

I love your willow image!